Laundry Closet Door Alternatives Ideas

Laundry Closet Door Alternatives Ideas

Laundry closet door alternatives ideas To hide washing appliances in the laundry closet you can use several door alternatives such as barn, sliding, pocket, bifold, swing or without door. Please consider these things before choosing one suitable for you: space around the closet, installation, accessibility and appearance.

Swing Doors

A0110 Hidden laundry closet with custom made stained door in Grand Rapids
Villa Decor . Ashley Avila
Layout inspiration for country concealed laundry closet idea in Grand Rapids with dark wooden floor, wooden countertop over fron loading washer and dryer, cream colored walls and custom made stained Alder door to hide the workspace. There is enough space for storing linen, towels and supplies. A0114 Hidden washing room with louvered swing doors in San Diego
GDC Construction . Photography
Remodell inspiration for a concealed washing room in San Diego with louvered swing doors, side by side front load washing appliances and solid surface counter over the machines, white colored walls, light hardwood floors, flat-panel cabinet, light wood cabinetry, wall mounted shelves and an undermount sink. A0107 Boston utility room swing doors
New England Design & Construction . Jay Groccia Photography
Inspired layout design for a small minimalist utility room idea in Boston built with swing doors, side by side washer and dryer, ceramic floor tile, lovely yellow colored walls, a countertops over the appliances, open shelves and clothes hanging rod.

Barn Door

A0102 Laundry closet sliding barn doors in New York
Electrolux US
Remodel inspiration idea for a country laundry closet in New York designed with with black hardware and white washed wooden sliding barn doors, recessed lighting fixture, a single wall, a stacked front loader washer and dryer, laminate countertops, white cabinetry and wicker baskets. It offers lots of storage. A0207 Orange County laundry closet with sliding barn door
Built Custom Homes, LLC . Rick Mattson Photography
Inspired photo for a beach style laundry closet in Orange County with sliding barn door, a stacked front load washer and dryer appliances, ceramic flooring, light gray colored walls, marble countertops, a garment hanger bar, shaker cabinets, cabinetry and a wall mounted wire shelf. A0307 Boston utility room with sliding barn doors
Adams + Beasley Associates . Richard Mandelkorn Photography
An inspiration design layout for a small farmhouse utility room in Boston built with sliding barn doors, side by side front loading washer and dryer, wooden countertop, dark tone wood floors, gray colored walls, wall mounted beadboard clothes drying racks to keep the clothes and cabinets for storage.

Pocket Doors

A0101 Laundry closet with pocket doors in Minneapolis
MA Peterson Designbuild Inc.
Inspired design layout for a small transitional laundry closet in Minneapolis built with pocket doors, recessed lighting fixtures, dark tone wood flooring, white colored walls, red front loading washer and dryer, open cabinet provide enough storage and wooden countertops. A0103 Small laundry closet with pocket door in Chicago
Designstorms LLC . Joe Kwon
An example of small hidden laundry closet design in Chicago built with sliding pocket door, floating wooden shelves, decorative porcelain floor tile, walls with brick exposed style, a stacking washing appliances, open cabinetry, wooden countertop, custom made ironing board, a hamper and custom made pipe bars clothes hanging bar. A0304 Utility room inspiration in Toronto with a fun fig motif wallpaper
Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.
Makeover inspiration for a small transitional utility room design in Toronto built with sliding pocket doors, dark tone hardwood flooring with blue-beige decorative rug, wallpaper by AneWall, shaker cabinet and gray cabinetry for storage, solid surface countertops over silver front load washer & dryer and clothes hanging rod above the units and a dirty clothes wicker basket.

Bifold Doors

A0104 Utility room with bifold doors in New York
Ben Herzog
Inspired layout for a small utility room in New York built with bifold doors, front loading washer dryer, drying rack hung from the ceiling an shelves offer lots storage space for storing towels, linen and detergent supplies, white colored walls and quartz countertop above the appliances for clothes folding. A0109 Contemporary laundry room bifold doors in Vancouver
Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets . Bob Young Photography
An example layout of a trendy laundry room ideas in Vancouver built with bifold doors, wood shelves, white colored walls, light tone hardwood floors, a stacked washing appliances, an undermount sink above flat-panel cabinets, medium tone wooden cabinetry, countertops, pull out drawer ironing board and a hanging bar open cabinetry. A0302 Bi-fold hidden utility room in Melbourne
Urban Kitchens
Inspiration photos for a hidden utility room in Melbourne arranged with bi-fold doors, medium tone hardwood flooring, white colored walls, front loaded washer and dryer machines, quartz counter above the machines, an undermount sink and dark tone wood cabinetry and flat-panel cabinet for storage and.

Sliding Door

A0401 Laundry room with sliding door in Portland Maine
Whitten Architects . Rob Karosis Photography
An example of a coastal laundry room design idea in Portland Maine with medium tone wood sliding door, pendant light to brighten the workspace, wooden counter above side by side front loaded washer dryer, medium tone wood flooring, walls wood panel, cabinetry and open shelves cabinet to store supplies, towels and linen. A0212 Utility room in Melbourne with sliding door
MMAD Architecture . Jack Lovel Photography
Inspired layout for a small trendy hidden utility room idea in Melbourne with sliding door, light tone hardwood flooring, walls with exposed brick, recessed lightings, a stacked front loaded washing appliances, an undermount sink, flat-panel cabinet and cabinets for storage, clothes hanging bar and quartz countertop. A0309 Laundry closet inspiration with sliding door in Orlando
Bartels Doors & Hardware
An example idea of hidden small laundry closet in Orlando arranged with sliding doors, white colored walls, counter over washer/dryer appliances, wall mount shelves offer lots of storage for storing supplies, towels, linen, cabinetry and recessed-panel cabinets.

Without Door

A0113 Utility room without door in Dorset
An example photo idea of utility room in Dorser arranged without doors, side by side front loaded washing machines, cabinets for storage and shelves between the appliances offer save time sorting and lots of storage to store wicker rattan baskets for dirty clothes. A0303 Laundry closet inspiration in Boston without door
ProSource Wholesale of Springfield
Inspiration photo idea for laundry closet without door in Boston. This workspace built with white colored single wall, medium tone hardwood flooring, side by side metallic washing appliances, custom made shelves offer big storage to store dirty clothes wicker basket, supplies, linen and towels. A0312 Country laundry closet in San Francisco with no door
Jetton Construction, Inc . Tessa Neustadt Photography
Inspired design for farmhouse laundry closet in San Francisco built with no doors, black tone floor tiles, shaker cabinets and cabinetry for storage, marble counter above front loaded washer and dryer.